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Personal Protective Equipment

We specialize on Personal Protective Equipment, focusing on the provision of limited-use apparel for the work environment and attached technical services

Our broad range of apparel made of non-woven fabric s, apt for nuclear, chemical & biological protection, includes coveralls, ventilated suits, sterile suits, sterile kits and a large supply of accessories: labcoats, procedure gowns, aprons, jackets, trousers, shoecovers, overboots, bouffant caps, hoods, sleevecovers and every other article, at the customer's request, to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment.

Safety Work Apparel

The products that comprise our range do not only meet the requirements set by the European standards, but also grant a great comfort to the users.

To completely satisfy the needs of our clients we cooperate with and have become Certified Dealers of the best producers at a global scale: DuPont, with the Tyvek®, Tychem® & Proshield® range of products, and Indutex SPA, owner of the brands Partiguard®, Sprayguard®, Propguard®, Jetguard® and Gasguard®

We offer you products from renowned, trustworthy brands, including our own, ProteHo®.

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