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When, in 1986, we started S.T.S., we could no’t anticipate the importance it was going to have in the course of the occupational health and safety sector.


In the beginnings, S.T.S. worked closely with the nuclear industry, one of the most demanding, familiarizing with important and up-to-date techniques such as the quality control procedures, the seriousness and rigour in the handling of documentation, and protocols very integrated in the labour force protection.

In the following years, we kept applying this know-how to the safety business within our ever-growing scope, naturally and with deep respect for every sector we operate in, much of which have known a spectacular change from the point of view of the prevention of occupational risks.

Throughout this time S.T.S. experienced constant organizational changes, cooperating with enthusiasm and self-giving in the assembling of a strong team, and in that the attitudes of this small company, which I take pride in presiding over, are ever represented with very professional presence.

S.T.S. assigns great importance to the task of pedagogical diffusion and proximity to the needs of both the client and the market. Therefore, we have been present in all occasions we have been called upon, conducting seminars and conferences, and partaking in courses and workforce trainings, always resulting in the benefit of our activity.

At present, S.T.S. is remarkably well positioned to provide answers to the deep structural shifts that are becoming apparent in both the National and the International market; low-cost products and deficient technical and documental assurances do not befit our market strategy. S.T.S. has always delivered generously added value in its activity.

The constant training of our personnel, the creation of areas closer to the needs of the market and the continued research of products and procedures, must be a guarantee that redounds to all matter of advantages to our customers. Therefore, after 30 years of professional practice, I feel moderately satisfied for what has been achieved, and, on the verge of the new generation takeover, of great importance to the activity of the whole company, for the assured succession.

May this prologue serve to thank all, market, customers and competition, the chance they provide us every day to continue our entrepreneurial activity in contact with everyone.

I take this occasion to wish to the Protection & Safety Sector a responsible and progressive growth, in order to watch over the health and security of individuals and commodities alike.

¡¡Many warm greetings to the Safety Health!!

Armando Ramos Cuenca
Founder and CEO, Ramos S.T.S.



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