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Coverall ProShield® 60

Coverall Tyvek® 400 DualCombi

Coverall Tyvek® 400 DualFinish

Coverall ProteHo® LP BASIC coverall

Coverall ProteHo® LP Antistatic coverall

+ Colours

Coverall proteHo® SMS TEXTEC 52800

Coverall proteHo® HD CLASSIC WLO3002T Instructions for use

Coverall Propguard®

+ Colours

Coverall Partiguard® Light - Shirt neck

Coverall Partiguard® Light - Hooded

Coverall Partiguard® TB

Coverall Tyvek® 500 Labo

Coverall Tyvek® 500 Industry

Coverall Tyvek® 400 Dual

Coverall Tyvek® 500 Xpert

+ Colours

Coverall Tyvek® 200 EasySafe

Coverall Tyvek® 500 HV 

*ProteHo®, is a registered trademark owned by Ramos STS®, in no case should such mark be reproduced in non-existent or misnomered products causing confusion among users. For proper use, we remind you that the reputation of proteHo®, the effort and work inherent to the brand must be respected at all times. The improper use of registered trademarks may result in legal action.
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